Product Stories

Best Ink-Tank printers for affordable printing

Ink-Tank technology has reduced the printing cost for ink-jet printers. Traditionally Ink-Jet printers were an affordable options while comparing to intial cost of Laser jet printers. Ink-jet printers were meant for small printing jobs at home. The cartridge costs were on par with Laser jet cartridge but the printing paper output for a single cartridge is small for ink-jet printers. which resulted in higher costs per print. Ink-jet technology also provided affordable colour print options compared to the counerpart Laserjet printers.

Best Wireless Earphones for Gym

Sports activities demand unique features in earphones during movements. Earphone should be properly fitting and should be stable while working out. We have listed some of the best wireless earphones for your workout sessions.

Best Wireless Earphones for all day battery

We have selected some of the best earphones for your all day battery needs. These earphones give you best of both the worlds - Sound Quality and battery.